Chris Goldson burying the Millennium Time Capsule being watched by members of the Millennium Committee.

The Millennium Time capsule was one of the many projects suggested at the first meeting of the Millennium Committee back in 1999. This was left in the capable hands of Charles Newby (Community Librarian). Charles contacted various people and organisations throughout the village, which resulted in a numerous amounts of items to go into the Time Capsule, ranging from letters from villagers, a mobile phone and a pair of jeans. After a great deal of discussion it was decided to bury the capsule in the Community Centre grounds. The whereabouts will be placed on a national register and also a plaque will be made to remind the villagers where the capsule is and when it should be opened. A lot of work has taken place over the past two years to form the new Millennium Green adjacent to the Youth Hall. As readers will recall this land was a mud bath with bricks and rubble everywhere. This all has been cleared and top soil, trees, plaques, paths and circles laid, also work has been carried out on the land opposite the Millennium Green the other side of the car park and again at the front of the Community Centre. Work has taken place on the War Memorial in St. Lawrence's Churchyard and access has been made easier. It is hoped that a village Christmas tree be erected possibly on the land next to the library starting at Christmas 2001.

Chris Goldson Chairman of Millennium Committee