Skellingthorpe Parish Council Statement Coronavirus or Covid-19 -

We are a village community in rural Lincolnshire, but we have the same people living with us as live in urban areas including Towns and Cities. Skellingthorpe Parish Council together with District Councillors Chris Goldson and Richard Johnston, also your County Councillor Mike Thompson have been discussing our present crisis arising from Covid-19. Clearly it is very important that we follow the governments guidelines together with medical advice on how we as a community can help not only ourselves but others in these difficult times. The NHS do have a website relating to Coronavirus: Also both North Kesteven District Council and Lincolnshire County Council have their own advice based on government guidelines respectively n-kesteven .gov. u k/ coronavi rus and Li ncol nsh u k/ a rticle/213/ coronavirus-latestadvice. Also listen to local radio stations for updates on Covid-19.

All future village events organised or not, will be cancelled until further notice. Most of the councillors have access to the internet and when/wherever possible this will be used as a means of continuing their council duties. As you are already aware the Village Office is locked during normal office hours but the Clerks will be there during their normal working hours for now, people wanting to speak or have queries to contact by telephone or email

We hope and ask that our community work together and to have volunteers come forward in helping the vulnerable and anyone in isolation or in need of assistance. Your Parish Council will welcome this and will allow those volunteering to put their names and contacts on the Facebook page as well as notifying the PC Clerks. Your local Councillors wish you well and ask that you take care of yourself and others.

Andrew P.C. Chair Skellingthorpe Parish Council 01522 683061


“Annual Meeting and social evening”

The meeting was well attended, and Joanne welcomed all the members to the meeting. The yearly report was read and seconded. The membership also increased over the year to 63.

The new committee members were asked if they would consider being President, Joanne Alderton was re-elected President and Erica Morton was elected as Vice President. Margaret Richardson was thanked for all her support and commitment to the committee over many years and will now take on the “secret Santa” role as our long standing “secret Santa” Sheila Gostelow was stepping down after many years fulfilling that task.

The members then enjoyed the buffet provided by the committee and a social evening catching up on all we have achieved as a WI and the friendships we have made over the years.

Miss Toule award was awarded to Janet Cook for all the hard work she has does to make sure we all enjoy the trips and outings organised for the WI.

Annual Competition winner

1st Carole Bird, 2nd Edna Gaylor, 3rd joint winners Erica Morton and Katherine Wells


Linda Brooks, Joanne Alderton, Jeanette Fear, Jenny Phillips, Ruth Taylor, Margaret Richardson

Age is no barrier to friendship or to learning new skills and if you would like any more information or would like to chat to someone, then contract our President, Joanne Alderton on 01522 695140 or our Secretary, Carole Beresford on 01522 690 860.

Planning Report Jan/Feb 2020 -


19/1575/Resm Land at Moss Lane re materials Used No Objections from P Council
19/1711/Hous 19 Monson Park Conversion of Garage No Objections from P Council
19/1765/Ful Woodfield Old Wood Change of garage use Council asked for conditions
19/1727/Hous 81 Waterloo Lane Retrospective planning No Objections from P Council
19/1688/Ful The Hall Lincoln Rd Retrospective planning No Objections from P Council
19/1706/Ful Woodacre Old Wood Replacement dwelling Objections from P Council
20/0055/Varcon Gardenfield Takeaway Alter opening hours Council suggested conditions
20/0023/Hous 11 Church Road Wall Height and Gates No Objections from P Council
20/0122/Hous 113 Saxilby Road Single Storey Extn No Objections from P Council

Decisions from NKDC

19/1706/Ful Woodacre Old Wood Approved

Residents are informed that they are welcome to attend any planning meetings which will be held in the Parish Office.


The Parish Council are happy to welcome Caroline Coyle-Fox on joining our Parish Councillor’s from March 2020. Caroline has lots of association with the Village, born at Queensway to parents Mr and Mrs Coyle and lived in the village until she moved to just off Skellingthorpe Road approximately 20 years ago, but she had always been in contact with the village, and holds the village close to her heart.

We hope that Caroline will enjoy her association with the Parish Council, and look forward to welcoming her many skills for the benefit of the village.

Parish Clerks Skellingthorpe Parish Council

Skellingthorpe U3A Report -

February can be a cold and wild month and boy didi test the whole country, really wild.

The month started with the Walking Group. Their plan was to enjoy a good walk round Bransby Horse Establishment which turned out well. After that the high winds and downpopurs must have much of the land a “no-go” area again.

The Art Group were beavering away at various part finished projects. Still no hanging plan for the Gala.

The Monthly meeting took place with the speaker, Steve Griffiths, telling his intriguing story. Next month will be the U3A's A.G.M – now do you think that will be intriguing?

Craft began it's first project of their 2020 plan. Next meeting they hope to complete it. Lots of chatter about Chapel Coffee Morning and what they could bring and sell. The Craft Group had their Christmas lunch at the Bentley. It was very nice, better late than never!

It may be winter and the weather is wild but U3A members have plenty of ways to fill the dark days.

All Good Fun


St Lawrence School -

A large proportion of our Year 6 class, the Owls, had the great honour of being invited, along with just a handful of other schools from around the UK, to sing at the Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership 2020 National Conference in Central Methodist Hall, Westminster, London. Our eldest children represented Lincolnshire, Skellingthorpe and our own school beautifully. We’re very grateful to Lincoln Diocese for contributing towards our transport costs and we’re proud to say that we took the environmental decision to use public transport for the entire trip.

The children wrote, “When we arrived, we were mind-blown by the size of Westminster Hall, it was made out of pure white stone and marble. On all the stairs they had gold-like metal banisters which led to fancy rooms and long corridors. Rooms for the rich and famous.” “This was it, the big moment, the time we had been waiting for for weeks, the time we could sing our hearts out to many different varieties of people from all around England.” “Our hearts were pounding against our chests and a warm feeling arose in our stomach. It was an emotional time to see so many people gather together in unity.” “It was a magical moment, a gathering of people to sing songs worshipping God and Jesus.” “After our wonderful singing concert, we ventured towards Buckingham Palace to see the beautiful sights of London. A police officer told us about the Queen's 68th anniversary of her accession to the throne, which was AMAZING to see. We heard the 41-gun salute in Green Park and saw the troops on horseback.” “We saw Big Ben and it was trapped in scaffolding. At golden hour, we saw the London Eye and took pictures of it with a golden beam on it. Then we went to Trafalgar Square, we saw a statue and an amazing, crystal clear fountain. Nearby was the statue of Nelson's Column, it was guarded by four lions that stared out onto the fountain.” It’s such a privilege to make treasured memories with young people doing something so unique and special.

We have, in the past, invited the community to join us in our whole school Easter Service; because we have been blessed with such an increase in numbers over recent years, we’re now unable to squeeze any more into the church next door and so we’re only able to invite parents and carers. Our Easter Service is an exceedingly important part of our school calendar; we never miss the opportunity to offer our heartfelt thanks for the freedom that those fateful few days offered us.

On behalf of everyone here at Saint Lawrence School, have a wonderful Easter.

Telephone: 682689
Twitter: @StLawrenceCESch


We had a well earned break at half-term and started back at rehearsals on 27th February and will be having a two week break over Easter with no rehearsals on 9th and 15th April.

We are working hard towards our Summer Soiree which is on 5th July.

If you are interested in joining the choir, you’re welcome to come along and sit in first to see if you like it. You do not have to be able to read music and there is no audition process.

Rehearsals take place at the Methodist Chapel on Thursdays, during term time, 7.45pm-9.15pm.

Fiona 01522 697224


Thought people would be interested to see this picture of Tricia Hillas ( nee Rylatt) who went to St Lawrences School in the village from 1971- 1977 and who was also active at St Lawrences Church.

Many people will remember her mum, Ros Rylatt, who ran the newsagent on Jerusalem Road.

Her Inauguration as Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons took place on Wednesday 4th March 2020 in St Margaret's Church which is adjacent to Westminster Abbey.

Outdoor Learning at The Holt -

With a focus on our curriculum, we are always looking for ways to enhance the experiences and opportunities that we provide for our children during their primary journey with us. As well as the National Curriculum we have to deliver, we also provide enrichment opportunities to support aspects of a whole child’s development. A key part of this programme is the outdoor learning opportunities that all children take part in over an academic year. We are lucky to have staff members on both the teaching team and support team who have a passion for this and continue to provide such valuable and engaging sessions that allow the children to develop skills, try new things and work beyond the classroom.

A typical example of a series of lessons included children creating a rope swing, a swing with a wooden seat, a ladder, several rope ladders, an elf village and even a treehouse! They used different bush craft knots to make their projects safe and were able to safely use a saw to cut the pieces of wood they needed. They acquired so many skills throughout this enrichment project and we are so proud of what they achieved.

Another project involved looking at the challenge animals experience during the winter in getting food from the environment. After seeing the difficulty, the children decided to solve the problem by making bird feeders so the food was readily available. We were so pleased with the care and compassion the children showed in making sure the animals didn’t go hungry in the winter months.

Having seen the impact of this work with the children, the staff team spent an inspirational afternoon exploring the potential of our school grounds. We considered how we can use our resources to develop further our existing provision. The opportunity to learn new skills and develop our awareness of the benefits of outdoor learning was so motivational. We learnt so much and had so much fun in the process. This is an area of our curriculum we value and hope to continue to develop.


Lincoln Draft Transport Strategy

The County Council in partnership with City of Lincoln, North Kesteven and West Lindsey District Councils has prepared a draft Transport Strategy. A summary of this has been made public prior to discussion at LCC Highways and Transport Srutiny Committee on 9th March. The focus is on reducing congestion in Lincoln and surroundings whilst developing sustainable and environmentally suitable links.

Extra Funding for Highways and flooding:

The council is set to invest additional money in highways maintenance and flooding, with £14m of efficiency savings allowing it to still deliver a balanced budget. The council's executive members have approved budget proposals for 2020/21.

County Council Budget

At full Council on 19th February Cllr Martin Hill, Leader of Council gave his statement on the 20/21 Budget proposals. He emphasised the need for Central Government to recognise the need for a Fairer Funding Formula to address the substantial shortfall in Lincolnshire, which if increased to the average amount available to all English Local Authorities would result in an allocation to Lincolnshire of an additional £116M. A proposed increase in general Council tax of 1.5%, with a further increase of 2% for Adult Social Care (overall 3.5%) would provide £15M additional funding and is equivalent to a Band D rise of £45 per year. Despite Lincolnshire continues with one of the lowest rates in the country whilst delivering good service and value for council taxpayers.


As part of his statement which included measures by the council to reduce the climate and environmental impact, Cllr Hill gave a commitment for new Council developments including roadsides to include tree planting with a tree for every county resident - that is 750000 trees.

Mike Thompson LCC Councillor



Happily having celebrated our 30th birthday the Age Concern Skellingthorpe Luncheon Club is very healthy and well supported We can cater for 72 people each month. The presentation makes this dining event a pleasure for the eyes as well as a culinary delight. It takes about l.5 hours to set out the 928 items required to dress the tables alone!

So a very big thank you to all our volunteer 'worth their weight in gold' cooks, servers and helpers. You are great and very much appreciated.

Members pay £5 for a 2 course meal, tea or coffee and a quiz, where points mean prizes. There is also a raffle which is generously supported by donations of prizes as we11 as purchased tickets.

The proceeds from the raffie go for the maintenance of our current minibus and towards the future replacement vehicle when it is required.

The Minibus is our village taxi for guests that have no other way of getting to the Lunch Club or any other groups such as the Friendship Club, functions or events. It is fully equipped with a lift to accommodate whee1chair and waJker equipment and it has just passed its' MOT so is good for another year. Guests are col1ected from home and returned after the event There is a fee of £1 for this service.

There is also a regular bookable shopping service to Morrisons and Aldi. This is £3.

We have some wonderful volunteer drivers who make this service possible and we are always in need of more. If anyone could act as a chaperone or are a driver with a clean licence and could spare even just one occasion a month it would be greatly appreciated. Any licensing requirements we would cover and our less able and more senior members would think you are amazing!

'Mini' is also available for hire by any other group. You can go out into the wide blue yonder if you can get a party together, find a driver and work it out with Kingsley Pace on 01522821434 or email k.pace@ntlworldcom you're good to go. Finally having made the Luncheon Club the success it is Derek Alderton resigned in September after 8 years as chairman but Joanne, the other side of this success stayed on to help the newbees. We thank him for his tireless contribution to the village making the AGE Concern Skellingthorpe Luncheon Club the success it is and contributing to the continued mobility and inclusion of our less mobile villagers with the support of the Age Concern Minibus

PS If you come to join us as a member please remember to phone Joanne on 695140 at the beginning of the week if you are NOT coming and also if you wish to BRING a guest so we can cater for the correct numbers.


A man in a smart suit knocked on my door to say s ridge tile had blown off in the wind & was stuck in the gutter. I looked up to where he was pointing & I realised it was some moss & it had been there or quite a long time.

I thanked him &  said I would get my handy man to look at it.

 3 days later he returned to say he wanted to talk about the job!  I pointed out that he did not have a job & my handy man had been to look  that very morning.  He replied saying "So you gave him my job"  I pointed out once again  saying he had never been given the job. He finally left & I haven't seen him since. My handy man removed the moss.

There was also another person described as an ex youth offender trying to sell goods, who when refused, became aggressive – so take care when opening the door.

What do you think of the cheek of it. He picked on the wrong person this time.

Skellingthorpe Resident


Is it true he died for me
that man upon the cross?

Is it true he'll search for me
each time that I am lost?

Can he really hear each prayer
that's whispered in the night?

Can he see the thoughts I have
good or bad, wrong or right?

Sometimes I feel a presence that
brings  peace and comforts me

It's then I hope it's really true
and he is looking after me.

Beverley Balogh